Learn more about the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at paizo.com.The warmage is a special breed of martial artist, one who approaches combat from the opposite direction to combat techniques: by developing the power of the mind as the base to guide the body.

Warmages study as wizards, but apply their knowledge to battle. Not to be confused with practitioners of the Evocation School, warmages approach combat as a tactical challenge, not as a chance to make things explode. They are not afraid to enter combat as their training has prepared them to face enemies up close, weaving a complex network of arcane energy around them and their weapon.


The Region of the DeadNahast moves and grows and the Wheel of Ages keeps turning. Most people attribute the passing of fate and history to the work of the gods fair in the Heavens that lie beyond the Dreamlands, but those who study the way the universe works with an open mind soon discover the truth: it’s all a matter of life and death.

While the Dreamlands provide a reflection of the vital energy of the world, it has a mirror that does the exact opposite. The Region of the Dead is a topic most people prefer to avoid, and thus trust the teachings of their  religion as to just what this dread realm actually is. Most will only prepare the funerary rites as required by the Journey of Souls (see below), and even priests will only have a passing knowledge in order to return rogue spirits of the dead back into the darkness where they belong.

The people who know the most about the Region are the shamans and witches of more primal, primitive religions, some of whom can even travel to the shadowed un-lands and have working relationships with some of its scarce inhabitants.

Despite this general ignorance, the Region of the Dead is a very influential aspect of Nahast’s spiritual existence and, unlike the Dreamlands, it’s a spiritual domain that everyone in the world will eventually visit.

This article will give an overview of the Un-land, where all things meet their end, from the malleable nature of the realm and its shifting and terrifying geography to the nature of its denizens and what the living can expect should they visit.

The Region of the Dead is the spiritual shadow of Nahast, a fundamental force of the Wheel of Ages.


Pathfinder: the Roleplaying GameDestiny is important in Nahast; it is part of the Ollin, pointing at the direction of its eternal turning. Most people are caught in the coming and going of fate, content to lead their lives from birth to death and back into the Wheel; this predictability allows augurs and astrologers to chart and forecast an individual’s life with a varying degree of accuracy. However, destiny is forged by the dictates of the rulers of the Age, unwitting as this may be. Some exceptional individuals realize this deep inside, and with their actions they change the direction of fate, and write their own paths in the Wheel. These extraordinary individuals are celebrated in legend as heroes.

Heroes in Nahast are the owners of their own fate; the stars might hint at their future and reveal their past, but in the end it is them who have the final word on their own path in life. This, in game terms, is reflected in the twin mechanics of Destiny Traits and Fate points.


It’s been several years in the making, but finally, a stable and official place to show the map of Nahast, with the names of the main nations (if not their actual borders) and a couple locations of interest.

Map of Nahast

Map of Nahast

I worked all Saturday following the instructions on a couple of tutorials I found, using the old files I had stored without quite knowing what to do with them but, at last… here they are! I will next work on a map of Solerne, while I find a way to make an actual map of Beldatz, the city playing scenario to the webcomic.

This is a preliminary posting that marks sort of a prelaunch for this site, in order to celebrate Day of the Ninja!

Moon devils, night spirits, subtle demons in human form… these and many other names have been used to describe the Moonshades, all of them missing the mark while still getting some details right.

The Moonshades are a mystical order of spies, saboteurs and assassins working inside the Empire of Solerne and beyond its borders. Trained in the arts of stealth and deceit as well as practitioners of their own martial and mystic arts, Moonshades work in the shadow of political power, pursuing the goals of their order with ruthless efficiency: guarding the night to keep the Empire safe.


Elves call themselves “Prahja” in their own language, and make the distinction of which different tribe of elves they are by adding the name honoring their founder. In this case, the mythic seafarer Virya gave birth to the Prahja-Viryuni.

This elven tribe separated from their brethren when they reached the shores and sailed into the sea. Called ‘sea elves’ by other races, they are often confused with the legends about merfolk and aquatic elves, when in reality they are just excellent sailors. Where the woodstriding Maehvindra elves feel a kinship to the land and its animals, the Viryuni feel the same with the tides and the creatures of the ocean. They have a series of settlements in an archipelago off the eastern coast of the main continent, united in a very loose organization. Viryuni ships are the fastest and most maneuverable to sail the seas and even seem to move by their own accord. As excellent navigators that they are, these elves trade with almost all of the coastal nations, exchanging information as well as merchandise. Some Viryuni are pirates, and it takes another Viryuni to catch them.


Martial artists are an unusual type of warrior in that they approach warfare as an art and a discipline, not merely a job. Unlike a monk, who seeks enlightenment in life through his harsh training, a martial artist works hard for the sole purpose of being the best. This way of personal excellence stands between the monk’s spirituality and the fighter’s pragmatism, guiding the martial artist to hone his body and his mind,
then sharpen his skills and knowledge and, through such understanding, become the deadliest weapon in the land.


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