The Region of the DeadNahast moves and grows and the Wheel of Ages keeps turning. Most people attribute the passing of fate and history to the work of the gods fair in the Heavens that lie beyond the Dreamlands, but those who study the way the universe works with an open mind soon discover the truth: it’s all a matter of life and death.

While the Dreamlands provide a reflection of the vital energy of the world, it has a mirror that does the exact opposite. The Region of the Dead is a topic most people prefer to avoid, and thus trust the teachings of theirĀ  religion as to just what this dread realm actually is. Most will only prepare the funerary rites as required by the Journey of Souls (see below), and even priests will only have a passing knowledge in order to return rogue spirits of the dead back into the darkness where they belong.

The people who know the most about the Region are the shamans and witches of more primal, primitive religions, some of whom can even travel to the shadowed un-lands and have working relationships with some of its scarce inhabitants.

Despite this general ignorance, the Region of the Dead is a very influential aspect of Nahast’s spiritual existence and, unlike the Dreamlands, it’s a spiritual domain that everyone in the world will eventually visit.

This article will give an overview of the Un-land, where all things meet their end, from the malleable nature of the realm and its shifting and terrifying geography to the nature of its denizens and what the living can expect should they visit.

The Region of the Dead is the spiritual shadow of Nahast, a fundamental force of the Wheel of Ages.