This site is but part of a larger project that has been developing for at least five years. Keep reading to know what it is all about!


Nahast is a fantasy world created as a project for the Dungeons & Dragons game, but now has become the backdrop of several projects like this one. A lot of information has been posted in the original webcomic’s website, but more is on the way, based on the information being updated in this site and a slowly upcoming, full-fledged gaming book.

Role-Playing Games

RPGs are games where, simply put, players assume the roles of characters in a story, while another takes the job of the story’s narrator. It is a mix between collaborative fiction, improvisational theater, and cops & robbers, as players create a story together while interpreting the actions of their fictional characters following the guidelines of a set of rules that tells them what they can and cannot do.

Nahast: Heroes & Legends is meant to provide a backdrop for such games, a stage where players can tell their own stories about their own heroes. The rules include what kind of characters can be created, based on Nahast “lore”, that is, the setting information that provides the rationale for character concepts such as swordsmen, wizards and martial artists, what they can do, and how they learned how to do it.

There are three definite rulesets being contemplated to work with Nahast: Heroes & Legends:

d20 OGL/Pathfinder: This system handles the most widely known concepts of character classes, levels and hit points made popular by many videogames. The original intention for a Nahast game was to take advantage of the open system released by Wizards of the Coast for their Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition. This plan still forms the core of this site, but due to recent developments it has shifted a little. Instead of following the d20 system to the letter, Nahast: Heroes & Legends will be made to be compatible with Pathfinder by Paizo Publishing. The system is almost unchanged. You can download the d20 system documents from here, and check out Pathfinder‘s beta test here.

Savage Worlds: A simple, single-die based system that forms the base of Deadlands. Published by Pinnacle Entertainment, the system was suggested by one of the Nahast comic’s readers. You can download the Savage World “test drive” system from here.

M&M Super-Link: A free, point-based variation of d20, this system was created mostly for comics super-hero games, but it can be easily ported to other genres, particularly as Nahast is heavily inspired by anime and is, originally, a webcomic itself. The game is being published by Green Ronin, and you’ll have to purchase it (see below).

Two other systems are currently being contemplated:

D&D 4th Edition GSL: Released in 2008, the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons features many significant changes, and the GSL license is different from its d20 OGL predecessor. Due to its highly restrictive nature, Nahast may not have a 4th Edition version, although chances in the policy are under discussion.

Online Play: As an idea, there is a chance that I will develop my own light rules system to make Nahast ready for online playing, such as through discussion boards, email and chat programs.

Purchasing the Core Games

Nahast: Heroes & Legends is not a complete role-playing game system, but an add-on for the games mentioned above. You will need a copy of those games to play. You can buy a print or PDF version of the games at their companies’ sites, through Amazon (for print), or at online PDF stores like DrivethruRPG and RPGNow.

Nahast: Heroes & Legends

The comic Nahast: Lands of Strife was born from an idea for a RPG setting, and now it comes full circle, but now with it’s own identity and things to contribute, such as a genre, inspiration and flavor.

Nahast is a fantastical world where magic exists monsters roam the land and gods and spirits heed the prayers of mortals. It is a world where trepidating action has deeply personal consequences, where dreams and nightmares clash.

Nahast works on a primal mythology; gods and spirits are near and can be talked to and more or less reasoned with, the forces of Nature are raw and vibrant and a lot of the world’s magic uses “primitive” rituals and concepts. Nahast is also inspired by Japanese animation and Chinese martial arts movies and novels (wuxia), with fast action and deep emotions running underneath, echoing the primal force of the world that surrounds the characters, who are the masters of their own fate.

The different aspects of Nahast: Heroes & Legends -rules for gaming and setting information- will follow the blog format, delivered little by little as articles that will come together to form the whole picture that is Nahast. All of these entries are to be considered drafts. Full books with the final version of all material will come out in PDF form in the future.

About the Author

Alex Melchor is a freelance writer and editor currently working as a translator, but is always looking for ways to live off his creations. Currently residing in his birthplace in Mexico City, he’s mostly a writer who draws and works freelance for various local print media as well as the American role-playing game industry, having published works with companies such as White Wolf, Green Ronin, Fantasy Flight Games, Mongoose Publishing, Dog Soul Publishing (who owe him a lot of money) and Ronin Arts as well as a couple of pieces in Dragon Magazine. He has even sneaked illustrations on some of the books he’s written.

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