It is the way of the world for things to change; day becomes night, winter gives way to spring, children grow into adults, empires rise and turn to dust, ages come and are forgotten in the mists of time. This is but one of the realities of Nahast, a tumultuous world created by the dreams of the gods and sustained by the dreams of mortals, where ages turn fueled by the blood -both metaphorical and literal- of all the beings that call it home.

Nahast: Heroes & Legends

Nahast: Heroes & Legends describes the world of Nahast, the setting for the Nahast: Lands of Strife webcomic, meant for use in fantasy role-playing. The actual gaming materials that will appear in this site refer to existing game systems, mainly Paizo’s Pathfinder (in itself based in the d20 system), but very quite possibly including Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds, Green Ronin’s True20 and Super-Link and maybe, just maybe and depending on developments, Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

To fully use the materials in this site, you will need access to any of the above systems. However, you don’t need anything else to simply read about the world, its people and its magic.

How to Use this Site

Red Storm Behari

The site is a blog of sorts; snippets and aspects of both the setting and the games will appear slowly over time, collected in the following sections and categories:

About: Basic Information about role-playing games, the site, the project, the author(s) and artist(s), legalese, etc.

The Wheel of Ages: A quick overview of the story of the world, from its creation by the all-powerful being known only as The Azken to the present day, passing through the Five Ages that have given Nahast its different faces, giving more detail on the Fifth, the current Age.

Characters: This section collects the information that players can use to create characters, depending on the system:

  • Races: Each of the five Ages has given birth to different people, and in this chapter you will find all you need to create characters for the current Age as well as the survivors of the previous ones, from the versatile humans and xenophobic elves to the nomadic beastfolk and zealous reptilians.
  • Professional Paths: Here you will find all you need to create characters with the d20 rules for play in Nahast, describing d20 character classes both old and new, and the role they play in Nahast. Other game systems are class-less, but provide templates that you can apply to a character to simulate a particular profession or life path.
  • Elite Paths: Characters can walk narrow paths of excellence as they explore their abilities and train in exclusive warrior orders or mystical practices. This subsection will include d20 prestige classes as well as equivalent templates for other systems that represent disciplines from the elite organizations in the world, such as the Hawk Maidens or the Moonshades.

Heroic Characteristics: More definite character options such as skills, d20 feats, rules for honor and prestige, fate, etc.

Equipment: This gives a wide selection of armor, weapons and equipment both mundane and magical used in the main nations of Nahast, as well as a quick rundown on the state of technology.

Paths of Power: This large section is divided in two, describing the different traits that characters gain that represent their ability and power. All power comes from within, and here you will find how characters find different ways to express their inner potential.

  • Martial Arts: This section details the martial arts that have developed on a few of the nations of Nahast. Included are rules on how to handle martial arts in the covered game systems as well as ready-made schools and techniques a character may learn.
  • Magic: The mystic arts have a unique flavor in Nahast, and the d20 dynamic spellcasting are enough proof. However, this section also describes the different types of magic and how to represent them in other systems, such as geomancy and spirit magic.

The World of Nahast: This is the meat of the setting book, describing the different nations that compete for supremacy as the Fifth Age nears its end. The book focuses on the Empire of Solerne, where the action in the webcomic takes place.

Heavens Above, Hells Below: Overlaid upon the physical world, the Dreamlands are the place where spirits live and history is forgotten, as well as the conduit for magic and the power of the gods. These posts give a rundown on the cosmology of Nahast, from what spirits are and what they do to the violent relationship between the different deities that have fought each other for ages for the domination of the heavens.

Creature Codex: There are old creatures to redefine and new ones to meet. Spirits, the sentient denizens of previous ages, Nahastian dragons and their quasi-deific leaders the drakoi, Beast Lords and other strange creatures are fully described here.

Campaigns: This chapter gives you ideas for setting stories in Nahast. Adventure in the high seas aboard a Viryuni vessel, explore the dark corners of the Emerald Jungle, fight off demonspawn in the Blighthaven Desert, delve deep into the intrigue and politics of the Solernian courts or find a way into the forgotten ruins of ancient Third Age cities.

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