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Tales of the Hawk Maidens

Regular readers of the comic might be asking, what are these doing here? New readers of this site will be asking instead “What are these? Aren’t these the Hawk Furies?” Well, as part of a migration to a new hosting, Nahast underwent some structural changes, one of these being moving out the Hawk Maidens’ stories […]


End of Hawk Furies, Book 1

This marks the end of the first “book” in the Hawk Furies story. The next one will start with Niriko’s and Behari’s return to Beldatz and whatever it is that Jakitza is planning will start moving. However, next week will see the first delivery of the Ollin Amo’xiu, featuring one of the legends of Nahast […]



Welcome to Nahast: Chronicles of the Fifth Age, a new site that takes the setting and mythology of its parent, the webcomic Nahast: Lands of Strife, and runs with it to create different stories. Why a blog-like format? Following the spirit of the webcomic, Nahast: Chronicles of the Fifth Age will present its stories in […]

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