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Chapter 5: Players

Gisako was strolling through the streets of the city, looking for all the world like a well-dressed lady out for a day of shopping. She had no important appointments until late afternoon and was more or less free to do what she wanted. And right now, she wanted to find the Noonshades. Equinox, her real […]


Chapter 4: Moonshades

Gisako walked through the long corridors of the Palace, followed, as always, by her personal assistant. “There is one last thing for the day.” The girl said. She was just out of training but she could expertly hide the silvery tattoos of the Moonshades under her long sleeves. Her codename was, curiously, Equinox. Gisako remembered […]


Chapter 3: Half-Elf

It was plain to see that Niriko had spent the last few days on the road. Unlike with most people however, the dust somehow made her look even more exotic and attractive. The patch over her right eye made things even more… different, but it helped create a certain aura of roughness that her soft, […]


Chapter 2: Archmage

The rhythmic shouting of two scores of girls practicing lightened up the somber mood of the lighthouse tower’s top. The books that lined up the walls absorbed some of the sound, but the occupant could still hear it, but was so used to it that it was just part of the background. However, as it […]


Chapter 1: Red Storm

“Red Storm” Behari by ~Coyotzin on deviantART Behari stood atop a high hill a soft breeze tugging at short, ruffled hair and whipping her long braid behind her back. She cast her gaze over the landscape that spread out before her, the leagues she would still have to go until the next bigger settlement, let […]



Welcome to Nahast: Chronicles of the Fifth Age, a new site that takes the setting and mythology of its parent, the webcomic Nahast: Lands of Strife, and runs with it to create different stories. Why a blog-like format? Following the spirit of the webcomic, Nahast: Chronicles of the Fifth Age will present its stories in […]

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