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Chapter 9: Shadows

Contrary to what everyone believed, Jakitza did keep herself in shape by practicing the fighting style she had learned in her time as a Hawk Maiden. It was just that her chosen field of exercise was south of the lighthouse, where no one had any interest in settling despite the beautiful green hills that rolled […]


Chapter 8: Friendship

It had been three days of sailing for Behari, Niriko and Pawaht on board the Rowdy Waves, a small coastal trade ship. It wasn’t a passenger ship but it was the first to sail with Beldatz as a stop, and Pawaht had negotiated for them to work as part of the crew. Any initial misgivings […]


Chapter 7: Confrontations

Gisako couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. She made the arrangements for some “entertainment” for the governor, and Zintzi had relayed the confirmation from the ‘troupe’ of performers, who were actually the Noonshades they would confer with. Zintzi’s tone hinted that there was something strange. Maybe not wrong, but the deal wasn’t going […]


Chapter 6: Roads Cross

One of the most common and ancient sayings is “all roads lead to”, followed by the name of the thriving city of the times. Right now it was Jasokari, the Empire’s capital, connected to the rest of the Empire by a growing network of highways as well as rivers and sea routes. The main highways […]

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