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I. Burning Roofs

The only thing the little girl could see was fire. She whimpered, trying to drag the unconscious body of an old man out of the burning teahouse. “Wake up!” She cried. Her eyes were stinging with the heat and her throat burned from breathing smoke. “Benaz! Wake up!” It hadn’t been her intention to do […]


The Book of Turning: The Demon Paw

Mortals worship spirits and gods, devoting their faith and reverence knowingly and thus giving their deities the power they need to fulfil their divine tasks. The beasts of the land do not know how to worship, but they too have gods that protect them; their essence, all that they are, echoes and coalesces into a […]


End of Hawk Furies, Book 1

This marks the end of the first “book” in the Hawk Furies story. The next one will start with Niriko’s and Behari’s return to Beldatz and whatever it is that Jakitza is planning will start moving. However, next week will see the first delivery of the Ollin Amo’xiu, featuring one of the legends of Nahast […]


Chapter 10: Full Circle

“You mean to tell me that not only did you let her see you, you also had chocolate at her study?” Gisako was speaking in slow and measured tones. At first she had been very pleased with Akina for her initiative in following Jakitza, but her satisfaction had gone down steadily as the young Moonshade […]

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