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End of Hawk Furies, Book 1

This marks the end of the first “book” in the Hawk Furies story. The next one will start with Niriko’s and Behari’s return to Beldatz and whatever it is that Jakitza is planning will start moving. However, next week will see the first delivery of the Ollin Amo’xiu, featuring one of the legends of Nahast about the origin of a certain magical curse and disease.

After that, there are three options for the next “book”: Moonrise (the story of a young Moonshade and her head-on encounter with fate), Small Justice (the story of an exiled goddess and her quest for justice) or Dashing Hawk, Furtive Fox (the romance of a knight and a bandit princess, the parents of the comic’s┬áprotagonist). Any preference? ­čÖé

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