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Tales of the Hawk Maidens

Regular readers of the comic might be asking, what are these doing here? New readers of this site will be asking instead “What are these? Aren’t these the Hawk Furies?”

Well, as part of a migration to a new hosting, Nahast underwent some structural changes, one of these being moving out the Hawk Maidens’ stories out of the corner under which they were buried and into the dedicated, Nahast-related fiction site. These stories are no longer available in the update archives, nor in an ill-fitting Gallery (as the art gallery itself moved to DeviantArt), but I trust they are easier to find and read here.

These stories were written as collaborative fiction along with AngelChyld, over IM, and while we haven’t devoted much time to the girls in a while, their stories are not over, as told in the comic itself. Some episodes of their lives will still happen in prose form as the comic focuses on the main storyline, so keep an eye out!

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