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In the Empire of Solerne, the business of the day is carried on by the Emperor and his trusted Falcon Knights. The business of the night, however, is square in the shoulders of the Moonshades, legendary spies and assassins whose very existence is myth. As extraordinary as the Moonshades can be, they are just people, and they have their own traditions and secrets, their own teachers and students.

Moonrise tells the story of Yoitzi, a new recruit just graduated from one of the several training towns the Moonshades have, and ready to begin her role as a guardian of the night in the big city.

The Setting

The trade city of Tokoyocan in the Tensaritzan province of the Solernian Empire, sitting by a large river with several tributaries that connect it to several small towns. In the domains of House Tezcatzi, the city is governed by a minor noble house that is fighting hard to keep its sovereignity against several interest

The Cast

Yoitzi: A young Moonshade trainee. She has passed all the tests in her home village and is now ready to start performing missions in the city. She has not earned any shadow tattoo yet, but her great potential puts her in the sights of many of the elders of the Order.

Kitzani: A more experienced Moonshade assigned to receive Yoitzi in her team. A very good infiltrator, her shadow tattoos allow her to adopt many disguises. She’s spirited and a bit cynic.

Kari: The other member of Yoitzi’s new team; much more serious and responsible, she has studied more magic and is a talented sorceress, plus the real brains of the outfit.

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