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Small Justice

 Small Justice

¿What is a goddess to do when all she is is stripped off from her? The gods and goddesses of Nahast live in a constant state of strife, gaining power by devouring their brethren. Those with the strength left to resist this outcome can manage to escape into the mortal world, hiding their divinity in a body of flesh. Called errants, these deities have no source of sustenance save their followers, if they still have any.

The story of Small Justice follows one such errant, the Goddess of Righteous Revenge, who fought valiantly in the Demon Wars along many other deities to protect the world from the Demon Princes. Her father, the God of Justice, conspired to destroy her before the laws of the Solernian pantheon came fully into effect, and eat her heart. By a stroke of luck, she escaped and became an errant, and managed to save one of her temple guards to protect her before her whole cult was massacred, all her shrines burned.

Decades later, her power is waning. No longer able to keep herself and her priest and guardian immortal, her form is now that of a child, his body that of an old man. They do no longer have an eternity to find a way to reach the heavens to appeal to the Goddess Zuze’en, new ruler of the Solernian pantheon, while avoiding the God of Justice’s hunters, who will never give up.

The Setting

The lands that are just in the process of becoming the Empire of Solerne, now just a collection of feudal holdings and city states heir to the old Amatz League. The Demon Wars have just ended, and the gods and goddesses are organized into a divine community, setting down rules of conduct and honor amongst themselves.

The Cast

Ker’zei, Goddess of Righteous Revenge: One of the fiercest warriors in the divine side of the Demon War, she had power to punish injustice through retribution, which made her particularly effective against the demons. Willful and proud, her self-assurance suffered a huge blow when she felt her sisters, other goddesses of vengeance, be devoured one by one, while her own small shrines in the battlefields were being torn, her priests killed. She gathered all her essence into a small seed and created a human body just in time to escape her father coming for her. Now, jaded and nihilistic, she has lost all hopes to have her divine glory restored, forced by her decreasing power into the body of a helpless child.

Benaz: Once a simple temple guard, he was called in dreams by his goddess to defend her, and he truly didn’t expect to guard the beautiful woman that materialized inside the guardhouse. With little time to understand what was happening, he broke through the temple’s attackers and took Ker’zei with him. Hastily ordained into the priesthood, he then became the only remaining priest for his goddess. Endowed with immortality, he has learned much, and practiced much, becoming a much wiser man than he could be. Now, with Ker’zei’s power in decline, his mortal life is catching up with him and he is now the old man he should have been several years ago.

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