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Dashing Hawk, Furtive Fox

Brigands and rogue mercenary bands are nothing particularly new nor noteworthy, but the roving and almost tribe-like band of Atoxak the Grey Fox was a nightmare in the Solernian countryside. And the best brigands can only be hunted by the best warriors, and Deroz Tzelan is one of the best warriors in the land.

Dashing Hawk, Furtive Fox tells the story, and perhaps gives a little explanation, of how Deroz Telan, first son of House Tzelan met and fell in love with the bandit princess Xalari the Little Fox. How these two became the parents of heroine Derrexi Tzelan of Nahast: Lands of Strife may explain why every noble in Solerne thinks House Tzelan is full of irresponsible eccentrics.

The Setting

The province of Tzelaritzan in the Empire of Solerne is the scenario for this story of love and martial arts, an individual generation before the events of Nahast: Lands of Strife.

The Cast

Deroz Tzelan: The young and dashing heir to leadership of House Tzelan, a brave and honorable warrior and master of the Hawk Talon school of swordsmanship. Nicknamed “Dashing Hawk” by his exploits in ceremonial warfare, his ability with the sword, and his gallant attitude.

Xalari, the Little Fox: Second daughter of bandit king Atoxak, she learned how to ride and shoot the bow since she was very young. She didn’t like the lifestyle of a bandit, always moving and hiding, and spent her time sneaking into centers of learning, and picking the books and scrolls from the loot of her band’s raids. Much smarter than everyone gives her credit, she’s always felt her talents are wasted in a life of brigandage.

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