Nahast: Chronicles of the Fifth Age

Legends and tales in a world of ancient magic, by Alejandro Melchor & AngelChyld

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Ollin Amo’xiu – The Book of Turning

The spirit world shapes Nahast as much as Nahast shapes the spirit world. Every story, every myth, every tale ever told makes its way to the Dreamlands and, as an obscure legend tells, they write themselves into the Ollin Amo’xiu, the Book of Turning. Everyone with the ability to dream has read this book at least once, others have their minds firmly connected to it. Others are almost knowing authors.

The Setting

The breadth of the history and territory of Nahast, for the Ollin Amo’xiu records tales from every people from every race and every age.

The Cast

Any hero, spirit or god whose legend is told around campfires in Nahast.

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