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Legends and tales in a world of ancient magic, by Alejandro Melchor & AngelChyld

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Nahast is a fantasy world created as a project for the Dungeons & Dragons game, but now has become the backdrop of several projects like this one. A lot of information has been posted in the original webcomic’s website, but more is on the way, especially in the form of a full-fledged gaming book.

Nahast: Chronicles of the Fifth Age

Serialized fiction telling the many different stories possible in the Nahast setting. Serial fiction is delivered chapter by chapter, evolving as it is written. Nahast runs on the author’s private webspace using the WordPress blog software.

Alejandro “Al-X” Melchor

Alex is a freelance writer and editor currently working as a translator, but is always looking for ways to live off his creations. Currently residing in his birthplace in Mexico City, he’s mostly a writer who draws and works freelance for various local print media as well as the American role-playing game industry, having published works with companies such as White Wolf, Green Ronin, Fantasy Flight Games, Mongoose Publishing, Dog Soul Publishing (who owe him a lot of money) and Ronin Arts as well as a couple of pieces in Dragon Magazine. He has even sneaked illustrations on some of the books he’s written.


Al-X’s mysterious girlfriend who, for reasons of her own, has chosen to remain anonymous, but she’s too good of a writer to go uncredited in the stories she has co-written.

Nikita “Thayle” Mahla

Guest artist doing illustrations for Small Justice. She’s an archeology student and has a cool comic called Pan’s Corner, which you should read, and nag her about updating it.

The Chronicles

The stories that will start appearing on the site vary in length, scope and theme, but they all happen in the world of Nahast. Read a more complete summary of each story here:

At the Shadow of the Sixth Bell: A story of family, duty and sacrifice.

Dashing Hawk, Furtive Fox: A tale of romance, martial arts, tradition and defying tradition.

Moonrise: A story of mystery, intrigue and prophecy.

Ollin Amo’xiu – The Book of Turning: Myths and folktales told around the campfires and winter hearths all over the world of Nahast.

Small Justice: A story of hope, loyalty and celestial politics.

The Hawk Furies: A story of friendship, courage and the future.

Tales of the Hawk Maidens: A tale of hope, struggle and fulfilling potentials.

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