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Tales of the Hawk Maidens

Tales of the Hawk Maidens

After the governor of Beldatz closes down public education for girls, seven young women find their very different paths in life converging in the Lighthouse Fort, answering the summons of Swordmistress Derrexi Tzelan to join the Hawk Maidens, the holy order for the female warrior servants of the Goddess Zuze’en.

The Setting

The story of Nahast: Lands of Strife tells the tale of Derrexi Tzelan, but her young proteg├ęs have stories of their own, coming from very different backgrounds and looking at a single, shared future.

The Tales of the Hawk Maiden happen at the same time as the comic, but the spotlight falls on the seven girls under Lady Tzelan’s care. These stories also take place ten years before the story of The Hawk Furies.

The Cast

Niriko Zarranz: One of the first half-elves to be born in the Fifth Age, young Niriko is an outsider looking for her place in life.

Behari: Sold to a brothel as a child, Behari is a bitter, angry young woman unaware of her own capacity for loyalty and courage.

Gisako Gizaletzi: Daughter of a rich merchant, she is tired of her easy life as she witnesses the corruption around her, but a fate of intrigue and shadows is hard to leave behind.

Jakitza Egoski: Child of a minister and a budding scholar herself, her only ambition in life is to take the Imperial exams to become a magistrate, a goal cut short by politics way above her.

Zintzi Tainoz: A loyal friend and wise in the simple things in life, she offers quiet and uncompromising support, even though deep inside she yearns for a life with more excitement.

Eruhien: Child of loving but very poor parents, she leaves their side to help them, and her simple and pragmatic point of view will help her new friends in ways she will not expect.

Waio’ko Xiang: Dwarven discipline is unyielding and oppressive, especially for the young, but sometimes a free spirit will find a way to escape while still upholding her clan’s honor.

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