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The Hawk Furies

The Hawk Furies

The songs about the Hawk Furies were born in the city of Beldatz, where four young girls heeded the call of destiny and took it upon themselves to walk the path of legend.

Originally Hawk Maidens training under Lady Derrexi Tzelan, their paths would soon diverge as each of them found a true calling.

The Setting

The city of Beldatz is once more the stage of conflict. Ten years after the events of Nahast: Lands of Strife, four of the founding members of the city’s Hawk Maiden garrison return to their old home after a long time adventuring abroad.

The political scene has changed, with governor Tzie Matsidari succeeding her controversial father and trying to clean up the court from the corruption that had infiltrated it for years. Lady Derrexi Tzelan has returned to her family estates to take the reins of her Noble House, but the Hawk Maiden garrison she left behind is strong and with some steadfast members, and the Watch is no longer diluted by mercenaries. It would seem that peace and order are not an empty promise anymore, but in the darkness beneath the city, ancient forces stir once more, confident that the heroes of before are gone.

The Cast

Commander Niriko Zarranz: One of the first half-elves to be born in the Fifth Age, young Niriko was an outsider who joined the Hawk Maidens to prove her worth both to others and herself. After a trial of fire where she lost an eye, she grew to become the commander of the Hawk Maiden garrison of Beldatz, but she left in a final quest to find her own answers about her worthiness to take on the legacy started by Lady Tzelan.

Red Storm Behari: As a child, Behari was purchased by a brothel under suspicious circumstances. She ran away to join the Hawk Maidens but she had a bitter, lonely view of life. While she learned to control her seething anger, her bitterness has not left her. She has taken the path of the Swordmaster and learned the way of many weapons, traveling the land to learn the truth about her parents and taking many jobs as a mercenary, her ferocity in battle earning her the nickname of “the Red Storm”, she returns to Beldatz to rejoin old friends.

Gisako Gizaletzi: Daughter of a rich merchant, she once joined the Hawk Maidens to learn the truth of the world outside the high walls of her mansion, but the shadows she found had their own voice in the form of Eclipse, a Moonshade assassin who took Gisako under her wing even as she trained as a Hawk Maiden. Years later, she is now positioned as the right hand of Governor Tzie Matsidari, as well as her lover and chief of intelligence, and a Moonshade herself.

Archmage Jakitza Egoski: An intellectual since her early days, Jakitza’s reasons to join the Hawk Maidens was merely to obtain a diploma to take the Imperial Magistrate exams. Her true fate revealed itself soon after, as she became the first and only apprentice of Beldatz’s strongest wizard. The same trial that took Niriko’s eye also took a toll on Jakitza’s sanity as she unleashed magic too powerful for her. Even then, she has taken her master’s place as Beldatz’s strongest wizard, and the youngest mage ever to gain the title of archmage.

Pawaht: A young half-elf man (as young are considered for his kind) who joined Niriko due to mutual attraction and interest. He’s of Viryuni stock, so he’s possessed by a natural wanderlust.

Lord Cloudless: Leader of the small group of Noonshade mercenaries that settled in Beldatz.

Zeren Tonatz “Horizon”: Lord Cloudless’ second son and an accomplished Noonshade himself. He’s posing as an up-and-coming merchant and he is to be Gisako’s husband, as the Moonshades and Noonshades of Beldatz enter a strange alliance.

Akina “Equinox”: Gisako’s assistant in court matters, but also a young Moonshade apprentice with her own contact network. As with all Moonshades, being a cute teenaged girl gives her a good cover for her espionage activities.

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