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At the Shadow of the Sixth Bell

The Lighthouse Forth has stood at the cliffs south of Beldatz for longer than anyone has remembered, destroyed and rebuilt many times as it has defended the city from its various enemies. Forgotten by the official history of the city, a small band of mercenaries called the Black Blades once took the fort as their home, and gave the city its first chance to survive.

The Setting

The city of Beldatz a good century before the events of Nahast: Lands of Strife, when it wasn’t the bustling center of commerce and travel, but a small struggling port town beset by pirates, brigands and the odd demonspawn pack.

The Cast

Black Blade Tazarik: For years leader of the mercenary band named after him, he’s now middle-aged and seriously considering retirement. Having created his own style of spear-based martial arts and led a full life of action and adventure serving the various lords of the old Amatz League as it came together into the Empire of Solerne, he’s ready to start experimenting family life.

Ozan: Tazarik’s wife, once a slave girl Tazarik rescued and now his lieutenant and master tactician. Utterly loyal to her husband and the new life he gave her, she knows that the days of their little band are at an end, with the Jasokarian nobles finally unifying the various lords and nobles under one Empire. As such, she is always looking out for alternatives to sustain her little extended family.

Ixani: At the ripe age of sixteen, Ixani has never had anything resembling normal life. Daughter to the Black Blade leaders, she considers herself a strange sort of royalty, one step above normal people that have never needed to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Arrogant and impetuous, settling down is the last thing she wants.

Iron Pot: A large man who’s been loyal to Tazarik ever since they started the Black Blades together, he plays the role of watchful uncle to Ixani, trying to keep her out of trouble. He supports the idea of leaving behind the days of uncertainty and looking for a more stable lifestyle.

Tazlox and Xente: Two cousins with very different skillsets but the same penchant for trouble, they are the Black Blades’ scouts both in the wild and in the city, looking for safe roads and tasty bits of information to benefit their companions.

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